Jail Break

You and your friends are competing with the town’s largest real estate developer to buy a large tract of land from a local farmer. The Farmer wants to sell to you, but his son wants to sell to your competition. To acquire the land, a hitman for the developer has murdered the farmer and framed you for the crime! With all hope lost, an unknown ally just made you aware that the developer is related to the town Sheriff and his cousin, the Jail Warden. . .

Art Gallery

For the first time since 1963, the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, has departed its homeland of Paris, France, and journeyed westward to the shores of America on a one-year display tour. As luck would have it, one of her stops is in Indianapolis! Given your infamous reputation as a master thief, you have been contacted by a wealthy local collector and offered $100,000,000 to steal the painting. . . 


In the 1980s, a local top-secret NSA biological weapons lab was shuttered. Most of the staff met a violent end at the hands of their infected co-workers. The lab was “decontaminated” and then closed, but unfortunately, a small fireproof refrigerator was overlooked. Reports indicate the refrigerator was recently opened with devastating results and a resurgence of the deadly disease. As a leading national expert on biological pathogens, your team has been quickly assembled in hopes of avoiding a national outbreak. . .

Space: 2112

Earth agriculture is under siege from an aggressive form of mold that is affecting cereal grains on a global level. Over the course of the past decade, the mold has infected the majority of airable land worldwide. Although numerous attempts have been made to eradicate and delay its growth, to date none have succeeded. Unless your team is able to salvage viable seeds on the Lunar Agricultural Station, widespread starvation is expected by 2114. . .

Dark Wyvern Mining Adventure

You, the Elite Client Response Team, have been dropped at the Dark Wyvern Mining compound with the utmost secrecy. There has been a catastrophic electronic warfare event that compromised our 300 years of operations! Your task is to enter the surface office and gain access to the primary control center hidden deep within the mountain. . . 

IU Time Warp 2020

My grandfather used to tell me stories about a prestigious school called Indiana University. The school was founded in 1820 but a devastating fire devastated the stately campus in 1883. To everyone’s dismay, the school was never rebuilt because the needed funds were lost. Attempting to change the ill-fated history of the school, I have created the Time Reversal Machine (TRM) that will take you back to 1883 in an attempt to locate those lost funds and save Indiana University. . .

Bank Heist

It’s the Roaring '20s and you and your seedy gang of no-goods are on the lookout for your next caper. Rumor has it that the Fletcher Bank & Trust Co. has just received a new shipment of gold! 

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