CIA Interdiction

A deep-underground top Operative has disappeared, and unfortunately we know foul play is involved. We need your team to locate the covert workstation and complete the top secret global financial mission. It was last documented that our agent was working undercover as a maintenence supervisor at Adventure Towers Luxury Apartments.  The location is high traffic, and often overlooked.  We know our agent was working on flipping a banker to locate the criminal minds with the ability to wreak havoc on the financial activities for years to come. Lives may be at stake. You’ve got 60 minutes to find, decode, and solve this mission. You must move large sums of illicit money from some of the world’s most notorious players in the crime syndicate. How much of the funds can you recover? Can you figure it all out in time? 

60 min.
People MAX
Intermediate Difficulty

This room offers more difficult puzzles and requires more teamwork than our Introductory Level rooms, providing a challenge even to people who have played Escape Room Adventures before. 

Success Rate

Challenging! About 20% of people escape.


Room Feature

CIA Interdiction requires the best of investigation skill to become the top agent!

Room Feature

This room is not the typical Escape Adventure. Your team is tasked with securing the most funds possible within 60 minutes!

Room Feature

This Adventure requires the use of critical thinking and technology.