In the 1980s, a local top-secret NSA biological weapons lab was shuttered. Most of the staff met a violent end at the hands of their infected co-workers. The lab was “decontaminated” and then closed, but unfortunately, a small fireproof refrigerator was overlooked.

Reports indicate the refrigerator was recently opened with devastating results for the man who was immediately infected and three of his neighbors who were unable to escape him. As a leading national expert on biological pathogens, your team has been quickly assembled in hopes of avoiding a national outbreak. Upon arriving at the lab, half of your team was immediately accosted by another infected victim who had been hiding in the lab. The disease has been found fatal in 78% of the infected (and 43% of their neighbors).

Historic research on the disease indicates its effects may be reversible within a short window of initial infection. There were even rumors that a cure for this deadly disease was created in the lab, but it was never found. Can you find the cure for you and your team before it's too late to reverse the disease and the death toll rises?

60 min.
People MAX
Advanced Difficulty

This room is challenging even for groups that have previously escaped from other Escape Room Adventures and requires motivated teamwork. 

Success Rate

Challenging! About 20% of people escape.


Authentic Props

This room offers a variety of true-to-life props and decor that fully immerse you in the world of expert biological pathologists.

Wheelchair Accessible

This room does not involve stairs and is mostly accessible for guests in wheelchairs. Some doorways may have a slight lip on the threshold and some clues may be difficult to reach. Please call for details.

Drinks Allowed

Guests are permitted to bring beverages (including alcoholic beverages) purchased in our lounge into this adventure. No outside beverages are permitted.

double doors
Surprise Start

This room has a unique starting point that exemplifies the idea of "divide and conquer."