Space: 2112

The year is 2112. . . Earth agriculture is under siege from an aggressive form of mold that is affecting cereal grains on a global level. Over the course of the past decade, the mold has infected the majority of airable land worldwide. Although numerous attempts have been made to eradicate and delay its growth, to date none have succeeded. It is currently predicted to infect all remaining airable land by 2115. Unless something changes, widespread starvation is expected by 2114. In recent months, food prices have skyrocketed and there is legislation making food hoarding illegal.

A former for-profit corporation, Space Ag, which was shuttered in 2102 by the United World Government, had a once-thriving Lunar Agricultural Project. Contained within the station is a resilient seed that was thought to be resistant to this currently devastating mold. It is known that this station is in a state of dangerous disrepair. Earth Space Command was able to utilize one of the few remaining transports available to get you and your team to the station. Can you locate and extract the seeds that will save the Earth?

60 min.
People MAX
Advanced Difficulty

This room is challenging even for groups that have previously escaped from other Escape Room Adventures and requires motivated teamwork. 

Success Rate

Challenging! About 20% of people escape.


State of the Art Technology

Space: 2112 contains advanced escape room technology that creates a high-tech adventure.

Immersive Props

This room offers a variety of high-quality props and decor that fully immerse you in the sci-fi world of Space: 2112.

Loud Noise
Loud Noise

Parts of this room contain loud noises and an immersive soundtrack in keeping with the theme.

Room Features - Contagion ID
RPG Adventure

Start your mission by taking on your in-game identity. Will you be the Commander? The Botanist? The Engineer? Find out during your Space: 2112 adventure!