Dark Wyvern Mining Adventure

You, the Elite Client Response Team, have been dropped at the Dark Wyvern Mining compound with the utmost secrecy. There has been a catastrophic electronic warfare event that compromised our 300 years of operations!

Your task is to enter the surface office and gain access to the primary control center hidden deep within the mountain. There are only rumors surrounding this, but ours may be one of the largest mine complexes in the world. Once there, you will need your tactical skills to intervene. I have been told that they are dealing with an unintended consequence of the attack—the release of an aberration of nature that had been held behind a specialized containment field deep within the mountain.

One last thing. . . can you keep from spreading ridiculous tales of what you see in the depths? We know the average miner is shorter than you or I. . . and so what?! Best of luck!

90 min.
People MAX
Advanced Difficulty

This room is challenging even for groups that have previously escaped from other Escape Room Adventures and requires motivated teamwork. 

Success Rate

Challenging! About 20% of people escape.


90 Minute Adventure

Dark Wyvern Mining is currently our only 90-minute adventure!

pick axe
Immersive Props

This room offers a variety of high-quality props and decor that fully immerse you in the world of the Dark Wyvern mine.

State of the Art Technology

Dark Wyvern Mining contains advanced, cutting-edge escape room technology that creates a high-tech fantasy adventure.