Escape The Titanic

The year is 1912 and you and your group are the most trusted servants of Isidor and Ida Strauss. Isidor is, of course, the cofounder of Macy’s department store. You are on the fourth day of your voyage aboard the RMS Titanic. The ship has encountered a significant problem and Isador has pulled you aside stating it is his belief that the Titanic will sink. . .

Jail Break

You and your friends are competing with the town’s largest real estate developer to buy a large tract of land from a local farmer. The Farmer wants to sell to you, but his son wants to sell to your competition. To acquire the land, a hitman for the developer has murdered the farmer and framed you for the crime! With all hope lost, an unknown ally just made you aware that the developer is related to the town Sheriff and his cousin, the Jail Warden. . .

Da Vinci Heist

For the first time since 1963, the world’s most famous painting, the Mona Lisa, has departed its homeland of Paris, France, and journeyed westward to the shores of America on a one-year display tour. As luck would have it, one of her stops is in Columbus! Given your infamous reputation as a master thief, you have been contacted by a wealthy local collector and offered $100,000,000 to steal the painting. . . 

A Night At The Castle

You and your colleagues have arrived in Europe to visit the famed Neuschwanstein Castle. The purpose of your trip is not just to visit the beautiful 19th-century Fairytale Palace. . . You and your team of Historical Investigators must search for evidence that King Ludwig ll (often referred to as “Mad King Ludwig”) was murdered as opposed to drowning by suicide in Lake Starnberg on June 13, 1886. . .


In the 1980s, a local top-secret NSA biological weapons lab was shuttered. Most of the staff met a violent end at the hands of their infected co-workers. The lab was “decontaminated” and then closed, but unfortunately, a small fireproof refrigerator was overlooked. Reports indicate the refrigerator was recently opened with devastating results and a resurgence of the deadly disease. As a leading national expert on biological pathogens, your team has been quickly assembled in hopes of avoiding a national outbreak. . .

Morgan's Raid

It is July 14th, 1863. You are a Union officer based in Columbus, Ohio, and are tasked with uncovering Confederate sympathizers in the North. Ever since Confederate Brigadier General John Morgan entered Union territory with his Calvary, things have been busy. Yesterday, he successfully crossed over into Ohio and began conducting raids of homes. He is posing such a threat that General Burnside declared Martial Law in Cincinnati. Things have gotten crazy—some rumors even say he is on the way to Columbus! You'll need to work fast to stop him. . . 

KGB Interrogation

The year is 1964 and the height of the Cold War. You and your team of American spies have been placed in the Soviet Union to retrieve a sample of a mind-altering serum that causes long-term amnesia. Once injected, the serum renders the subject susceptible to mind reprogramming. Oh no! Your cover is blown and you have been arrested and taken to KGB headquarters in Moscow. You have only 60 minutes to find the serum and get out before you are interrogated, tortured, or, worst of all, transformed into a Soviet agent!

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