Morgan's Raid

Warning: This adventure may contain an element of climbing or vertical movement. If this presents an issue for a participant, we would recommend another adventure.

It is July 14th, 1863. You are a Union officer based in Columbus, Ohio, and are tasked with uncovering Confederate sympathizers in the North. Ever since Confederate Brigadier General John Morgan entered Union territory with his Calvary, things have been busy. Yesterday, he successfully crossed over into Ohio and began conducting raids of homes. He is posing such a threat that General Burnside declared Martial Law in Cincinnati. Things have gotten crazy. . . some rumors even say he is on the way to Columbus!

This morning, you received a tip about the home and stables of a local barrister whose family is originally from Charleston, South Carolina. It is reported that the stables have been very busy at all times of day and night, and it is suspected that Southern dispatches are being routed through the home—possibly even top-secret letters to Morgan himself.

You've discovered that the family attends a special service at church every week, giving you an opportunity to search their home without compromising additional intelligence by arresting the family. Can you get into the home, and find information on where General Morgan is headed and any secret documents stored here before the family returns in an hour? Capturing General Morgan and his men could be the beginning of the end for the Confederacy!

60 min.
People MAX
Intermediate Difficulty

This room offers more difficult puzzles and requires more teamwork than our Introductory Level rooms, providing a challenge even to people who have played Escape Room Adventures before. 

Success Rate

Challenging! About 20% of people escape.


Vertical Movement

This adventure may contain an element of climbing or vertical movement. Please call for details.

Period Lighting

Morgan's Raid immerses players into the historical, Civil War era setting with dimmer, candlelit lighting.

Vintage Props

This room offers a variety of historical, vintage props and decor, as well as several well-crafted replicas, that fully immerse you in the world of Civil War-era Columbus.