Jail Break

You and your friends are competing with the town’s largest real estate developer to buy a large tract of land from a local farmer. The Farmer wants to sell to you, but his son wants to sell to your competition. To acquire the land, a hitman for the developer has murdered the farmer and framed you for the crime!

With all hope lost, an unknown ally just made you aware that the developer is related to the town Sheriff and his cousin, the Jail Warden. Your ally also informed you that the evidence of your innocence is held in the town’s most secure location – the very jail in which you are incarcerated! You must escape your cell, find the evidence, and get out before the Warden returns in one hour!

60 min.
People MAX
Introductory Difficulty

Great for smaller groups, including those who have never attempted an escape room. 

Success Rate

More than 80% of people escape.


Authentic Props

Jail Break includes many true-to-life props and decor elements, including large pieces of furniture, to fully immerse you into the game.

Drinks Allowed

Guests are permitted to bring beverages (including alcoholic beverages) purchased in our lounge into this adventure. No outside beverages are permitted.

Quintessential Room Theme
Quintessential Escape Room Theming

One of the original Escape Room USA rooms, Jail Break features our take on one of the most classic escape room themes.