Grand Elven Adventure

For over 1300 years, you, the elves of the Forest of Estweld, led a life of proper balance, enjoying the fruits of the Forest and helping it thrive. Just a generation ago things changed, it started with a request for help from the elves of Azeroth. They were under threat of Kobold legions on their border. As was typical elves were duty bound to help other elves, so half of the population of Estweld retrieved their bows and swords and made their way toward Azeroth. On the way they were ambushed from the front by the Kobolds, they handled this well but were unprepared for an additional assault from the rear by the Orcs. No one had witnessed these two groups work together prior to this event. Being far from their forest...

Jail Break

You and your friends are competing with the town’s largest real estate developer to buy a large tract of land from a local farmer. The Farmer wants to sell to you, but his son wants to sell to your competition. To acquire the land, a hitman for the developer has murdered the farmer and framed you for the crime! With all hope lost, an unknown ally just made you aware that the developer is related to the town Sheriff and his cousin, the Jail Warden. . .

Escape The Titanic

The year is 1912 and you and your group are the most trusted servants of Isidor and Ida Strauss. Isidor is, of course, the cofounder of Macy’s department store. You are on the fourth day of your voyage aboard the RMS Titanic. The ship has encountered a significant problem and Isador has pulled you aside stating it is his belief that the Titanic will sink. . .

Hoosier Hysteria

You and your fellow sports nuts have arrived in downtown Indianapolis for the Indiana State High School 5A Basketball Championship game. Trouble is, in the chaos of the event there have been security lapses and somebody has swiped the championship trophy! Rumor has it that a local sportscaster stole the trophy to add to his personal sports memorabilia collection. . .


KGB Interrogation

The year is 1964 and the height of the Cold War. You and your team of American spies have been placed in the Soviet Union to retrieve a sample of a mind-altering serum that causes long-term amnesia. Once injected, the serum renders the subject susceptible to mind reprogramming. Oh no! Your cover is blown and you have been arrested and taken to KGB headquarters in Moscow. You have only 60 minutes to find the serum and get out before you are interrogated, tortured, or, worst of all, transformed into a Soviet agent!

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