For over 1300 years, you, the elves of the Forest of Estweld, led a life of proper balance, enjoying the fruits of the Forest and helping it thrive. Just a generation ago things changed, it started with a request for help from the elves of Azeroth. They were under threat of Kobold legions on their border. As was typical elves were duty bound to help other elves, so half of the population of Estweld retrieved their bows and swords and made their way toward Azeroth. On the way they were ambushed from the front by the Kobolds, they handled this well but were unprepared for an additional assault from the rear by the Orcs. No one had witnessed these two groups work together prior to this event. Being far from their forest the fighting was intense but short-lived, only a handful of elves escaped the carnage. Since this battle, the elves of Estweld have relied on staying hidden deep within the forest for their survival. Over the past generation, the elves have begun to rebuild, although they have grown in strength they are still not what they once were.

Five seasons ago several kobolds and a few orcs started scouting the forest via the old mountain pass. A couple of parties were sent to ensure they did not get a chance to report back. Last season more scouts came through and at least one of them made it back out of the forest. It has been reported the Kobolds and Orcs are massing for an invasion on the other side of the pass.

All the elves of the age of maturity, over 100 years old, have been sent to the pass to hold them. You, the youngest of the elves, have been tasked with collecting the wealth of the ages hidden within the forest and village of Estweld itself. If you collect enough of it you will be able to hire the human army in a nearby city to save the homeland. If you collect more than this you may be able to end the Kobold/Orcan threat permanently. If you don’t collect enough it may be the end of the Elves of Estweld. Your time is limited can you collect the treasure and get out of Estweld in time to save the Forest?

75 min.
People MAX
Scaling Difficulty

This room offers a unique experience for players to determine their own level of difficulty. As this adventure is a different format to our other games, players have the ability to choose which puzzles and how many puzzles found inside the room they would like to solve. The more puzzles solved (and the harder the puzzles are) contributes to an overall higher score at the end of the game. 

Success Rate

Exciting! More than 50% of people escape!


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Quest Game Format

Grand Elven Adventure is the next iteration of escape room games, focusing on a quest-like scenario. Instead of simply looking to escape a room, guests must focus on completing as many challenges and puzzles as they can before the time runs out in order to complete their quest.

Vertical Movement

This adventure may contain an element of climbing or vertical movement. Please call for details.

State of the Art Technology

Grand Elven Adventure boasts the latest innovations in escape room technology, creating an immersive and magical experience.

Drinks Not Permitted

Due to the nature of this room, guests are required to finish all beverages purchased in our lounge prior to the start of this adventure.