IU Time Warp 

My grandfather used to tell me stories about a prestigious school called Indiana University. The school was founded in 1820 but was later destroyed by a devastating fire in 1883. To everyone’s dismay, the school was never rebuilt because the needed funds were lost.

Attempting to change the ill-fated history of the school, I have created the Time Reversal Machine (TRM) that will take you back to 1883 in an attempt to locate those lost funds. If you are successful, the school will be rebuilt, and time will proceed forward into an alternate reality. Had IU been rebuilt after the fire, it would have recently celebrated its Bicentennial in the year 2020.

Your mission is to travel back in time, locate and return the missing school funds, proceed into the new reality, find the IU Bicentennial Plaque, and make it back to the TRM in less than 60 minutes. If you can make it back to the TRM, it will automatically power down to prevent you from being drawn back into the old reality. The exit door will then open and you will have secured IU’s future!


60 min.
People MAX
Extreme Difficulty

This is one of our most challenging rooms even for highly-experienced, highly-motivated teams that work very well together.

Success Rate

Formidable! Only about 5% of people escape!


Indiana Memorabilia

IU Time Warp contains props and decor that are testaments to our beloved home state, especially to Indiana University in Bloomington, IN.

Wheelchair Accessible

This room does not involve stairs and is mostly accessible for guests in wheelchairs. Some doorways may have a slight lip on the threshold and some clues may be difficult to reach. Please call for details.

Drinks Allowed

Guests are permitted to bring beverages (including alcoholic beverages) purchased in our lounge into this adventure. No outside beverages are permitted.