Our Escapitects create and design The Escape Rooms.
In addition to this, our Escapitects help organize and conduct your
experience in The Escape Rooms.

Escapitect, The Escape Room USA

Don, Chief Escapitect

Although we have one of the best Trip Advisor scores in the nation, we are passionate about improving our adventures each and every day. On an average month we invest thousands of dollars keeping The Escape Rooms looking great and improving our customer experience.

This can be seen in new artwork in a room, sound effects, a brand new technical special effect, or maybe just keeping everything looking great and ready for that next adventurous customer! Don helps make all these things happen. Each and every day our Chief Escapitect spends time designing, arranging, and organizing our rooms, to make the ultimate escape experience available to each and every customer. Every person who walks though our doors will be “wowed” by their experience while trying to find puzzles and solve clues to escape in one hour. Don has creative license as our Chief Escapitect, and he leads our staff in providing the best customer experience out there!