The Race 2

It’s the final race of the season for the Vintage Race League and you and your rival team are neck and neck in the points race. Your crew just received a call from the mechanic that both your racecar and the other team's racecar were sabotaged last night. Someone has irreparably damaged the four-barrel carburetor!

According to the race rules, you must present your car for inspection exactly two hours before race time. The deadline will give you only 60 minutes to find the spare carburetor at the Race and Restoration Shop. To make matters even more urgent, if you miss your scheduled inspection time you will be penalized and have to start the race in the final position. With little time remaining, it appears that either you or your competitor on the other team will be starting in the final position.

Oh yeah, the keys to the shop are at the track. Your mechanic says that there is a security code to get into the Parts Department but, since he always has the key, he never has to use it. He knows that the code is written down somewhere in the shop, but he can’t recall where he put it.

Good luck finding the security code and getting the replacement four-barrel carburetor back to your crew at the track in one hour. Both teams might get out, but only one team will win the final race!

60 min.
People MAX
Introductory Difficulty

Great for smaller groups, including those who have never attempted an escape room. 

Success Rate

More than 80% of people escape.


race flag
Authentic Props

Race 2 is full of authentic mechanic tools and memorabilia, including one awesome surprise prop, to fully immerse you in the game.

Option to Compete

Race 2 is completely identical to Race 1, divided only by a wall with large windows allowing teams to compete against each other as they work to find their carburetor and escape!

Wheelchair Accessible

Race 2 does not involve stairs and is mostly accessible for guests in wheelchairs. Some doorways may have a slight lip on the threshold and some clues may be difficult to reach. Please call for details.

Drinks Allowed

Guests are permitted to bring beverages (including alcoholic beverages) purchased in our lounge into this adventure. No outside beverages are permitted.