Coin Operated Christmas

From as early time as you can remember, your family has always gone to the Christmas Pageant together. . .all the aunts and uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, parents, and most especially, your grandparents. Unfortunately, this last year your grandfather passed away, and it is your job to get your grandmother to the pageant with the remainder of the family.

When you arrive to pick her up, she is deeply upset. She cannot locate the Christmas brooch your grandfather gave to her as her first Christmas present from him. She doesn’t want to go to the Pageant without it, and her recollection is that your grandfather took it to be repaired, but she also knows that he picked it up from the jewelers. She knows it is not in their home.

The only remaining possibility is that it is in his coin machine warehouse. Your grandmother thinks he was up to something in that warehouse of his during his last days. When you enter the warehouse, you discover that your grandfather set up one final adventure for the family for the Christmas Season! Can you navigate through the warehouse and find her brooch before you have to leave for the show in an hour?

60 min.
People MAX
Intermediate Difficulty

This room offers more difficult puzzles and requires more teamwork than our Introductory Level rooms, providing a challenge even to people who have played Escape Room Adventures before. 

Success Rate

Challenging! About 20% of people escape.


Vertical Movement

This adventure may contain an element of climbing or vertical movement. Please call for details.

christmas tree
Christmas Theme

Coin Operated Christmas keeps the magic and spirit of Christmas alive all year round. Join us for Christmas in July (and the rest of the year too)!

Functional and Vintage Coin Machines

Part of this adventure involves operating coin machines—including vintage machines! Don't worry, all coins needed will be provided.