Night At The Castle

Warning: This adventure may contain an element of climbing or vertical movement.  If this presents an issue for a participant, we would recommend another adventure.

You and your colleagues have arrived in Europe to visit the famed Neuschwanstein Castle. The purpose of your trip is not just to visit the beautiful 19th-century Fairytale Palace. . .You and your team of Historical Investigators must search for evidence that King Ludwig ll (often referred to as “Mad King Ludwig”) was murdered as opposed to drowning by suicide in Lake Starnberg on June 13, 1886.

After reviewing extensive new research, you and your associates believe that there may be evidence to uncover the mystery of the King’s death (possibly a conspiracy involving members of his own family) that is hidden deep in the castle along with the crown jewels.

It is now dark outside, and after hiding in Mad King Ludwig’s bedroom until after the castle’s closing hours, you must find the long-lost crown jewels and the evidence of the King's death that will put this 130-year-old mystery finally to rest. Was it murder or suicide? You have 60 minutes to find out and get out!

60 min.
People MAX
Intermediate Difficulty

This room offers more difficult puzzles and requires more teamwork than our Introductory Level rooms, providing a challenge even to people who have played Escape Room Adventures before. 

Success Rate

Exciting! More than 50% of people escape!


Vertical Movement

This adventure may contain an element of climbing or vertical movement. Please call for details.

Authentic Props

This room offers a variety of vintage props and decor, as well as several well-crafted replicas, that fully immerse you in the world of the ill-fated Mad King Ludwig and his majestic castle.

magnifying glass
Mystery Element

A Night at the Castle is the only murder-mystery escape room at The Escape Room USA, giving guests a second objective (deciding if King Ludwig's death was murder or suicide) in addition to their primary objective of escaping.