It has been 30 long months since the Declaration of Independence was sent to King George III. It is now February 22nd, 1779, and the War for Independence continues. You and your fellow Partisans have just been informed that Commander George Rogers Clark will arrive with a significant force in the next day or two to attack and retake Fort Sackville on the Wabash River.

His command is near freezing and waterlogged, and one of his scouts has made you aware that they have lost or been separated from most of their black powder stores. He has asked your group to locate enough black powder to conduct the battle. Several of your group have gone out to seek hidden stores amongst the citizenry of Vincennes, but you are already certain about where a good amount is located. . . in the weapons cache of Fort Sackville itself!

One of your party has a covert method of getting into Commander Henry Hamilton’s office at Fort Sackville. It is your understanding that his office is somehow connected to the weapons store. Find the black powder and escape the fort within sixty minutes and you may help secure the western territory for your fledgling nation. Good luck, Patriots!

60 min.
People MAX
Intermediate Difficulty

This room offers more difficult puzzles and requires more teamwork than our Introductory Level rooms, providing a challenge even to people who have played Escape Room Adventures before. 

Success Rate

Challenging! About 20% of people escape.


Period Lighting

1776 immerses players into the historical setting with dimmer, candlelit lighting.

Vintage Props

This room offers a variety of vintage and historical props and decor, as well as several well-crafted replicas, that fully immerse you in the world of Revolutionary War-era Indiana.

Drinks Allowed

Guests are permitted to bring beverages (including alcoholic beverages) purchased in our lounge into this adventure. No outside beverages are permitted.

Immersive Soundtrack

Parts of this room contain some louder noises in keeping with the theme.